2020 Roll Call Form Is Ready For You To Complete

Roll Call is a valuable tool for our members. It is a year-long source of contacts, valuable information and insight from Systems across the country. This year we have added an additional question regarding your System's experiences, challenges and changes as a result of COVID. Please take a moment to complete the 2020 Roll Call document and submit to Barbie Pearson at [email protected] by September 1, 2020.   Read More

2020 Conference in Seattle will have to wait…Alternative Education Opportunities Available

After a great deal of thought and discussion, the NPEA Board has decided to officially cancel the in-person 2020 Annual Conference scheduled to be held in Seattle, WA. Based on the on-going COVID-19 concerns, the board felt canceling the in-person conference and instead offering alternative educational opportunities such as a half-day virtual event in October, monthly webinars, videos, etc. was the most socially and financially responsible action to take.   Read More

Coping During the Year of COVID-19

What a year 2020 is turning out to be. COVID-19 has not only changed our personal lives and interactions, but it has impacted the way we do business. Working from home. Utilizing webinars instead of seminars. Web and phone counseling versus in-person counseling. The list goes on and on.   Read More

Website Updates Affect Members Only Access

The NPEA website has recently gone through an update. The changes are mostly behind the scenes, so you likely haven’t even noticed. The update did however cause a reset to your access to the Members Only portion of the site. If you previously had access to Members Only, you will find your password no longer works.   Read More

2020 Roll Call

Canceling the in-person annual conference does not mean we are canceling Roll Call for the year. We recognize this document is a source of System contacts, ideas and inspiration or just validation of good initiatives you are executing. Each of us uses Roll Call in a different way and at different times.   Read More

Would You Like to Serve on the NPEA Board?

We will have a board vacancy beginning in January 2021. If you are interested in serving as a NPEA Board member, please submit a cover letter, resume and letter of support from your systems leadership by September 15 to Ronda Peterson at [email protected] Feel free to reach out to any board members if you have questions. We are happy to share our experience.   Read More